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Call centre 15-88

Call centre 15-88
In 2008, approximately 490 thousand applications were received by the service “1588” from the residents of Kyiv. 60% of the consumers’ applications concerned the matters related to the power supply, 12% – heat supply, and 28% of applications were applications for information.

The help-desk service “1588” was created at Kyivenergo 9 years ago. Its purpose is to provide the residents of Kyiv with prompt, relevant and efficient information concerning the heat and power supply services provided by the Company and to receive a feedback and an objective opinion of the consumers on the quality of the products and services provided by Kyivenergo.

The main task of the service “1588” is:

  • provision of the consumers with prompt information concerning the operation of the power supply system of the city;
  • receipt of applications concerning failures of the power and heat supply systems and a poor operation of electric power meters from the residents of the city;
  • provision of the consumers with information concerning the procedure of payment for the consumed power, current tariffs, preferences and consumer categories as well as the operation and the list of services rendered by the Company’s divisions;
  • provision of the managers and the divisions of the Company with the necessary information on the status of the supply of power to consumers.

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