Generation and distribution of the electric power

KYIVENERGO occupies a leading position in terms of production and sale amount of the electric and heat energy among combined heat and power plants of Ukraine. KYIVENERGO generation is unique because it functions in a closed local market. At the same time the Company has a monopoly in the heat production market segment and strong position in the electricity generation segment. KYIVENERGO generation business is represented by two subsidiaries — TEC-5 and TEC-6 that are combined heat and power plants.

Installed electric power capacity:

  • of TEC-5 – 700 MW
  • of TEC-6 – 500 MW

The total length of KYIVENERGO electrical networks is 11,708.49 km, including 1,581.55 km of aerial lines (circle length) and 10,126.94 km of cable lines in whole.

Electric energy transformation and control of power supply is performed in 35-110 kV KYIVENERGO step-down substations where capacity of power transformers is 60/3,708.9 units/MVA, including 110 kV – 39/3,110.3 units/MVA, 35 kV – 21/598.6 units/MVA. Number and capacity of 10/0.4 kV power substations is 3,293/2,472.91 units/MVA. Number and capacity of 10 kV district substations is 183/178.59 units/MVA.

In accordance with the results of 2010 KYIVENERGO held 2.63% of the total amount electricity produced in
Ukraine by generating enterprises of the Ministry of Fuel and Energy (according to the Ministry). The total amount of KYIVENERGO generation in 2010 was 4,747.989 thousand kWh. In comparison with 2009 (3,787. 206 thousand kWh) the Company increased the result at 960.783 thousand kWh (25,3%). Production increased due to the order of the Ministry of Fuel and Energy in February 2010 on coal stocked at storehouses of power plants of energy generating companies as well as UKRENERGO National Energy Company requirements on the amount of KYIVENERGO electricity generation in March, May, June, August and October 2010 to repair electrical equipment of the Central Power System.


The amount of electric energy generated and sold by KYIVENERGO

Electric energy generated, million kWh
3787.206 4745.989
Electric energy sold, million kWh 3177.982 4108.603



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