Main functions of the branches and detached divisions of Kyivenergo

Kyivenergo consists of the Administration, 11 subsidiaries and 2 structural separated divisions.

The Administration of Kyivenergo ensures the financial and economic activities of the Company and develops a uniform technical, economic and corporate policy of the Company.


Kyivenergo Heat and Power Plant N5 and Heat and Power Plant N6 – production of thermal and electric power; Kyivenergo District Heating Networks, Kyivenergo Zhytloteploenergo, Kyivenergo District Heating Distribution Networks – production, transportation and distribution of thermal power; Kyivenergo Cable Networks – transportation and distribution of electric power to the end consumers; Kyivenergo Energiya Plant – domestic and industrial waste incineration; production, transportation and distribution of thermal power; Kyivenergo Energonaladka – setup, diagnosis, assembly and repairs of the main and supporting equipment of the Company power generating units; Kyivenergo Energoservice – maintenance and service of social and catering facilities, recreation centers and the housing stock of the Company; Kyivenergo Training Center – training and retraining of employees of the Company’s branches as well as other enterprises of the energy sector in new and allied professions; Kyivenergo Militarized Guards – protection of the Company’s facilities.

Structural separated divisions of the Company:

Kyivenergo Energozbut – sale, permanent control of consumption modes and ensuring complete payments for the electric power and thermal power; Kyivenergo Spetsenergoavtoservice – provision of motor transport services for goods transportation and carriage of passengers.

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