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KYIVENERGO is a unique company that provides the capital of Ukraine with electricity and heat combining the processes of production, transmission and sale. In terms of specificity and scope of KYIVENERGO activities there are no similar companies in Western Europe. The Company arose from Kyivstrum Joint Stock Company set up in 1930, so KYIVENERGO celebrated its 80th anniversary in 2010.

KYIVENERGO today joins 12 subsidiaries (including the single in the city Energia Combustion Plant) and 2 structural detached subdivisions that supply electricity, hot water and heat to residents of Kyiv. Around 14,000 people work for the Company. Available energy sources and large networks for heat and electricity transmission make it possible for the energy company to meet fully the requirement of the city of Kyiv in electricity and 85% of its need in heating.

The Company sells electricity to the final consumers — legal entities and private individuals. Heat energy is sold only to consumers that are legal entities (including housing departments providing Kyiv people with central heating and hot water).

KYIVENERGO generates electricity at 2 combined heat and power plants — TEC-5 (installed electric capacity is 700 MWt, installed heat capacity is 1874 Gcal/hr) and TEC-6 (installed electric capacity is 500 MWt, installed heat capacity is 1740 Gcal/hr). TEC-5 is equipped with 4 power-generating units and 5 hot water boilers. TEC-6 uses 2 power-generating units and 6 peaking hot water boilers. Electricity is transferred through the aerial lines and cable mains network of a total length around 11,500 km.

Heat is generated by KYIVENERGO at TEC-5, TEC-6 as well as in heat supply stations and boiler plants. The total heat sources capacity is 8,500 Gcal/hr. Heat is transferred through the heat network of total length around 2,300 km.

The Company struggles to provide stable operation of the capital energy infrastructure and its further development. For instance in 2010 to upgrade and perform technical renovation of basic assets KYIVENERGO invested UAH 54.7 million in generation projects, UAH 159 million in distribution projects, UAH 64.9 million in heat providing.



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